All my life, I’ve been that different kid. You know the “weird” one. I knew this early on… at first it was hard to come to terms. It’s not say I never had any friends or had a horrible up bringing because that just isn’t true. I’ve had an amazing life, thus far. I just knew I wasn’t quite wired the same. When I finally embraced this fact everything changed. For the better that is.

Here’s the thing about life we all want to be loved, to be accepted, to be wanted. And when we aren’t we do what it takes to make that happen. We change who we are, for who we “could be” we trade up for a better version of ourselves. Why do we think it has to be that way. Why should I have to change who I am for you to like me. I have ALWAYS asked this question. Sometimes the need to be loved overtakes the need to be heard. Sometimes we let ourselves fade a little so that we can feel a sense of belonging with a group of people who like “this” version of us.

It’s a tale as old as time. Why is it so easy to judge? To look at someone else’s flaws and feel ok to point them out. Why is it so hard to love, regardless of education, background, race, religion, hair color, body shape… you name it. FEAR. We are all afraid, of ourselves, of our future, of being less than someone else. It’s silly. Fear cripples you, it makes you triple check the lock, check behind the shower curtain, look in the mirror for the TENTH time. Fear stops you.

Why are some of us more “brave” than others? Why do some of us change the world? Why do some of us leave a mark in history, while others of us just try to blend in. IF we can realize that WEIRD is just a viewpoint. That different is just a different angle. That love can be for all. If we can step outside of our current situation, our current place, and see the bigger picture. Panoramic… and realize in the end we all really need each other more than we need to make each other “better.” We might not only change ourselves but we might change the world. So like I read on some Instagram post by unknown author, “If you’re going to be weird, be confidant about it.” So go forth in confidence. Ay Ay captain!


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