Riches and Stuff

The day we let everyone know!

My husband and I are expecting our first baby. This brings to mind a million and one questions. “Am I ready for this?” “Should I be somewhere else at this point in my life, in my career?” “Have I done enough, do we have enough, can we afford this?”

I have been left to ponder what really matters in this life. I complain because if we were here I could do this or that… theoretically. I could stay home with the baby, I could have a nanny, yada yada… but let’s be real. We don’t all end up with all the riches in the world. Does riches really make things better? What are real riches anyway?

They say that prosperity favors the bold. Would you not agree with me that being bold is about the choices we make everyday. Would it not be bold to live fearlessly as we are now not accepting circumstance downcast but loving who we are, loving what we can offer the world through our own confidence and boldness.

Someone told me, you know what’s amazing about babies, they are happy in a big house, small house, red chair or blue chair. They don’t care. What they need is love and attention. That I have. That I can give with all I am.

Does stuff really make life better? Maybe it will temporarily fill the void but what really makes life matter is who is in it. What makes life better is what you experience, the story written page by page. To be bold is to not fear the “harder” times. To be bold is to love at ALL times no matter whether you think your life should be different or not. Love changes things. True love changes you. It is contagious. It gives you purpose.

Children need to know that things, money and stuff don’t make life worth it. They are great tools and resources. However, what matters most is the life you live, the story written, the chances you take, the people you love and the people who love you.


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