Living it Out – Part 1

Growing up in a small town can be quite challenging. For starters everyone knows who you are, everyone knows your parents, everyone knows your name and most likely where you live. When I was younger, I must admit, I thought this was a bad thing. I thought that I would never be able to get away from my past and if I would never be able to do anything “bad” because so and so would tell my parents. Now that I am older and wiser, so I think… I realize the beauty of a small town.

Everyone knows your name, everyone knows your family and they appreciate you. Not only that but they are kind, they take you home from soccer practice when you need a ride. They will feed you dinner when your mom has to work late and they will take you to your doctor’s appointment if your car breaks down.

What ever happened to the good neighbor? Why am I scared of the person walking past me on the side walk? When did community become a thing of the past? When I moved to Pembroke Pines at the age of 16, I learned rather quickly that if I wanted to make friends, I was going to have to do it myself. I could not sit around waiting for someone to be nice to me and hope we would be friends. I just had to do it. I learned that being kind to someone else, being a friend to someone else was my choice, first. It’t not someone else’s responsibility to know my name and appreciate me, it is mine to know them and appreciate them.

Lend Some Love is a social movement. It’s all about kindness. Rooted in my upbringing of a small town girl. Lend Some Love, is something we can all do. We can be kind to our grocers, kind to our waiters, kind to those on the street who cut us off! Even when we rather curse them out. What is the purpose of Lend Some Love? The purpose is to notice every man, not just those we deem worthy of our fleeting attention.

I propose we Lend Love on a daily basis to all we meet, even though it can be extremely hard. We can be kind first, and hope that others will do the same and lend more love to those they meet on a daily basis.

My proposal for this project, is to engage in daily interactions with people and go out of our way to be kind. Then I’d like to create some type of literature, like a tiny heart that says, “Lend Love” with a web link on the back. My proposal with the web page, would be a blog sharing stories of kindness or even pics of people catching others doing good deeds. The goal of this project is to spread kindness, something we so rarely see anymore. If we can keep on paying it forward and lending love, one person at a time, we will eventually make a dent in this overly busy generation.

I believe that engaging people in kindness is a wonderful cause. If we can stop and think, “Hey, I wouldn’t like if someone did that to me,” instead of just lashing out at people in anger or annoyance we could truly make daily life better. I for one have been the angry Irate person on the other end of the line and truth be told life is so much easier when I can relax and laugh it off instead of being rude for no reason.

So I propose we Lend Love and help others to do the same.


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