Monthly Archives: January 2017


I have realized it can be very hard to be kind. I’ve also realized I have two personalities (well three if you count Peggy my alter ego who loves cake). There is Angry Ashley full force a coworker once lovingly gave me this title… and then there is Lend Some Love Ashley. 

Remember that movie with the emotions spinning around in the head? Yep, pretty sure the angry one grabs  the wheel and won’t let go from time to time. And for whatever reason Angry Ashley likes to visit like every single time I try to go to Wholefoods. The other day I was trying to walk into Whole Foods with the rest of my fellow hippies, calmly and quietly when a raging mini van driver decided they didn’t want to stop at the stop sign and they did not notice my existence. Sure fine when I’m alone, but not cool when I’m pushing my little babies in their stroller. So what do I do? Proceed to yell and throw up my hands, “You going to stop buddy?” The answer was no. Then I proceeded to yell, “Uhh Floridians!” 

Hahahaha! Yes, yes I did do this. When I look back it’s a bit comical. But at the moment I pictured ripping that person out of their van, making them stare at my child and apologize. I mean they were driving a mini van. They have kids right? Ok, ok you get it. Don’t worry that is not the point of this therapy session, um I mean blog. The point is that kindness is not always our first choice but it should be. It’s not always, well hardly ever it feels like, the easiest choice. But it’s the golden rule right? Do unto others …. Yada yada… Its like common sense, not so common right.

 I’ve come to realize people don’t know how to treat other people because they are rarely treated with respect. None the less I believe in treating everyone with love. I mean everyone. Even the mini van drivers. (No hard feelings,well some I’m still getting over years of minivan torment). If we really want people to treat us in a way that feels good to us, that makes us feel human too, we have to start doing the same. Why do we think it’s ok to call a waitress dumb because she doesn’t bring the butter the first time we asked? God forbid someone forget something at my pancake breakfast. 

Maybe if we would take a little more time to treat people like humans and less like our slaves we might get an equal amount of respect back. And if we don’t, still no one will die and the world will be just a little better, for now. Why don’t you try it today. Try to lend love instead of anger see how you feel at the end of the day… And if it’s horrible try again tomorrow. And I promise not to mentally attack any more mini van drivers…. Well at least for now.