It’s a Mess Mommy 

“It’s a mess mommy…” I find myself waking up often in the middle of the night thinking about something I forgot to do yesterday. In fact this has become something of a habit for me. I remember people always telling me they couldn’t sleep at night and I could never relate. I used to sleep through the night. Now whether it’s a hungry baby, a thirsty toddler or the thoughts of yesterday’s mishaps I find myself AWAKE thinking about things I can’t change. Sure I can feed the baby, I can get us all some water but I can’t clean up the bath toys that are strewn all over the place. I can’t put the load of laundry I forgot to put in the dryer now because I may wake up all the babies and then Lord knows I might go insane. 

I’ve taught my little two year old very well. Ha! When she finds a mess on the floor somewhere, that she likely created a few minutes prior that she has seemingly forgotten about she will look at me and say, “Oh no Mommy! It’s a mess!” Or “Really Lola!” (Our poor dog) Now of course she does this in the cutest of toddler ways, in the cutest of toddler voices. Suddenly all the mess doesn’t matter anymore. Because in that moment I realize I’d miss all this if it weren’t here. I realize that no life is truly perfect even if you can wash all the dishes before you go to bed. Maybe I wouldn’t be awake again at 3am if all the dishes were washed but none the less… the moral of the story is “Let if go” Elsa… or Awesome as Ally says. (If your not the parent of a Frozen obsessed 2 year old, disregard.) 

There is so much freedom and wisdom found in the ability to let go of control. My favorite verse as of late. “Don’t worry about anything, pray about everything.” Phil 4:6-7 I find myself crazily quoting this as of late! Easier said than done right? 
…So if it’s 3 AM and you can’t sleep hats off to you my friends. We got this… ignore the mess a little for one more day and enjoy the good stuff, because life is short right and there won’t be dishes or laundry in Heaven … please Lord! Please! 


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